Dr. Funk

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About Our Provider, Kristi Funk

Hi! My name is Dr. Kristi Funk. I’m a board-certified breast cancer surgeon & physician, bestselling
, international keynote speaker, and women’s health advocate. But most of all... I’m here for you.
One of my greatest privileges is to come alongside a woman in a moment of uncertainty and fear
regarding an abnormal breast finding. I know all-too-well how quickly our minds can unravel to the
worst-case scenario. In such times, we all want accurate answers fast.

My passion is to provide those
answers along with Jasmine Khorasandi at SonoBreasts. Together, we offer a great package that
combines state-of-the-art cancer detection with same-day referral to me for a (pretty swift and
painless!) breast biopsy. The
Pink Lotus Breast Center is located less than 10 blocks from SonoBreasts.
Pathology results are usually back in less than 24 hours (Friday biopsies are read on Mondays; we use
the Providence St. John’s Hospital pathology department, which is in-network with most insurance
carriers). Sometimes, all you need from me is an interpretation of the ultrasound or clinical findings in a
way that reassures and empowers you to make healthy and safe choices most findings are not cancer!


About Dr. Kristi Funk:

I look forward to meeting you, and working in partnership with Jasmine to provide excellent breast health!


After graduating with distinction from Stanford University in 1991, Dr. Funk received her medical degree
from the UC Davis, School of Medicine, and completed her surgical residency in Seattle, WA, followed by
a surgical breast fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she excelled as a
Director of their Breast Center until 2009. Dr. Funk then co-founded the
Pink Lotus Breast Center in Los
Angeles where she practices as a breast cancer surgeon and expert in minimally invasive diagnostic and
treatment methods for all types of breast disease. She has helped thousands of women navigate breast
issues, including well-known celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow and Jasmine Khorasandi’s
grandmother! As an ambassador and avid contributor to the
Pink Lotus Power Up community, Dr. Funk
hosts the Cancer-Kicking!
Kitchen, frequently authors Breast Cancer 101 blogs, and provides
instructional videos on breast health. Her extensive research into nutritional science sparked a
passionate vision to complement her medical practice with the life-empowering
which teaches women (and men) how to maximally reduce their chances of facing cancer or any
other controllable killer disease.

She is the go-to breast expert for Good Morning America and The Doctors, and has repeatedly appeared
on Today, The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Rachael Ray, The View, and more, as well as countless radio and
podcast interviews. Dr. Funk has received dozens of honors and awards and uses her appearances to
educate and give back to the community. She resides in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband, Andy Funk,
and triplet sons.