About SonoBreasts

Ultrasound Clinic located in Los Angeles, CA


SonoBreasts is an ultrasound clinic in Santa Monica, California. Founded by ultrasound sonographer Jasmine Khorsandi. 

SonoCiné is a quick, comfortable, automated whole breast ultrasound that finds breast cancer lumps as small as 3 millimeters by scanning the lymph nodes to the chest wall. The team at SonoBreasts uses the radiation-free breast cancer screening tool to find breast cancer during the early, more treatable stages, saving countless lives.

This advanced breast cancer screening ultrasound machine records 3,000 images that get transferred into a video simulation that allows the radiologist to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. With SonoCiné, there’s no breast squeezing or injections.

In addition to breast ultrasound, SonoBreasts also does thyroid, abdominal, carotid, transvaginal, and pelvic ultrasounds. The team also provides general ultrasounds, evaluating abnormal lumps and other findings on any part of the body.

The team at SonoBreasts takes a holistic approach to health and is happy that they have the ability to offer women a comfortable, radiation-free breast cancer screening option. Patients do not need a prescription to schedule a breast ultrasound appointment, and the test takes 10 to 15 minutes, receiving results within a week.

Call SonoBreasts or schedule an ultrasound appointment online today.

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