About Ms. Khorsandi

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About Our Provider, Jasmine Khorsandi

Ultrasound Sonographer

Jasmine Khorsandi is an ultrasound sonographer and founder of SonoBreasts in Santa Monica, California. Ms. Khorsandi takes a holistic approach to care and loves that she can provide women in the Los Angeles area with radiation-free breast ultrasounds using the advanced SonoCiné®.

Born and raised in sunny Santa Monica, Ms. Khorsandi attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), majoring in history. With her passion dwindling class by class, Ms. Khorsandi sought help from a life coach and took time off to reset.

She then went to the West Coast Ultrasound Institute (WCUI) School of Medical Imaging in Beverly Hills, California, earning her degree as an ultrasound technician. 

Ms. Khorsandi has experience performing a wide range of ultrasounds, including thyroid, pelvic, abdomen, carotid artery, and breast. Soon after starting her career, Ms. Khorsandi was introduced to the whole breast SonoCiné ultrasound, giving her the ability to detect cancer lesions as small as 3 millimeters. 

In her free time, Ms. Khorsandi takes care of her mind, body, and spirit through yoga and meditation. She also enjoys traveling and trying new restaurants. 

Ms. Khorsandi believes God gives everyone a gift, and if you give it energy every day, it will manifest.